Advisor: Questions you should deal with before buying a projector screen

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A beamer screen is an image or projection screen designed specifically for use with beamers. It either stands on a stand or is attached to the wall and is used to project images or videos.

For whom is a projector screen suitable?

If you are the proud owner of a projector, it is advisable to get a screen to go with it. This allows you to display the projected images, which are ejected from your beamer. Beamers are used in many ways. No matter if you stream your favorite series via Netflix, follow a sports broadcast or play an exciting video game. With the right screen, home entertainment becomes an experience. In addition to home entertainment, projectors are also commonly used in business settings, such as presentations or meetings.

So there are two main application areas for projector screens: at home and at school/work. Depending on your preferences, you can also purchase a projector screen that allows you to entertain outdoors, such as your backyard. Meanwhile, there are also a variety of screens available that have the necessary mobility or are adapted to outdoor conditions.

Can I buy a projection screen as a set with a projector?

Projectors are not usually sold in combination with a screen. Nevertheless, some dealers offer purpose-based sets, e.g. for home theater or business use. Sets in this combination, however, can be very expensive and are usually tailored for specific or advanced use. While you can access a selection of versatile products in a wide variety of price ranges when buying separately, the options are rather limited when buying sets.

The optimal distance between your projector and your screen depends on many factors such as the specifications of the device, the screen and the selected room. However, you can quickly determine the right distance. While you can basically also find out the correct distance between projector and screen yourself by performing tests and measurements, there is also a simpler method.

How do I determine the right distance between projector and screen?

On the Internet, some site operators offer so-called projection area calculators. Here you only have to specify your beamer and the size of your screen and you get the optimal distance by automatic calculation.

What is the tennis ball effect and how do I fix it?

The tennis ball effect occurs when the screen is too big and exceeds your field of view. If this is the case, you have to look left and right with your head all the time, just like in a real tennis match. This is very tiring in the long run. That's why you should make sure that you don't buy a screen that's too big, or that you put enough distance between the screen and your seat so that you can avoid the tennis ball effect.

How does a 3D projection screen work?

A 3D projector screen has the ability to reproduce the image output from the projector including a 3D effect. In order to use this ability, the projector you are using must also be 3D capable. If you want to buy a 3D capable projector screen, you have to expect a high investment. So-called silver screens are not only very expensive, but also very sensitive and have to be stored in special bags during transport. If you want to do without all these side effects, you can use a normal screen in combination with 3D beamers.

Can I use a white wall as a screen replacement?

In principle, you can also project on walls and thus save the purchase of a screen. However, there are several problems that limit the viewing experience. The first point to consider is that you need a blank white wall that has no stains, holes, nails or anything else. The wall texture also severely limits the quality of the projected image, as it is rarely completely flat.

Another problem is the color, as normal wall paints have a slight yellow tint and tend to overexpose.

What does a projector screen cost?

The costs, which you have to spend for the purchase of a projector screen, depend on a variety of factors. Cheap projector screens can be purchased for low double-digit amounts. Depending on the functionality and the provider, you can also purchase screens that are available for low to mid three-digit prices. An often underestimated criterion that determines the price is the quality of workmanship. Before you buy a projection screen for your beamer, you should definitely acquire some prior knowledge in this regard. A high-quality beamer screen usually has a thick aluminum profile and a high-quality paint finish.

A cheaper projection screen may have an inferior paint job or the material may be very thin. If you come across a product advertised as high quality with a low price during your search for a suitable projection screen, you should definitely take this aspect into consideration.

Where can I buy a projector screen?

For the purchase of a projector screen suitable for your needs, you have a wide choice of suppliers. You can make your purchase both online and in stores. The business with beamers and their accessories, such as projection screens, has now been discovered by a wide variety of companies from different industries. Basically, you have the obvious option of looking around or getting advice at an electronics retailer.



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